FaceFilter Xpress

FaceFilter Xpress 1.0

Enhances and adjusts facial expressions in images
Image editor focused on adjusting and enhancing faces. Controls facial elements such as eyebrows, nose, mouth or eyes to subtly or drastically change facial expressions and make faces more attractive.

The revolutionary FaceFilter Xpress from Reallusion enables you to enhance and adjust facial images and provides the improvement your photo needs. By analyzing thousands of faces, FaceFilter Xpress photo editor has managed to extract a formula to create attractive faces.
By applying facial templates from the library and making subtle manual expression changes, FaceFilter Xpress enables you to make faces look younger, slimmer, friendlier, smarter, kinder, more confident, cooler, sexier, and more! The simple but powerful 4-step process makes it great for professional and home users alike.
Main features:
- The Only photo editor enabling you to change facial expressions
- Natural looking enhancement based on facial muscle manipulation
- Achieve amazing results in 4 simple steps
- 100% Freeware

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